Essential oils, which are fragrant liquid extracts from plants, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Sold by health food stores, online health and wellness retailers, and sale consultants for specific brands, essential oils are thought to have both therapeutic and practical uses. Here, learn about five common essential oils and why they make the perfect stocking stuffers.


Put peppermint essential oil in the stocking of someone who could use an invigorating boost this holiday season. This oil is said to increase alertness, and science backs up this claim. In a study in a 2005 edition of the International Journal of Psychophysiology, one group of subjects was exposed to peppermint oil, whereas a control group was not exposed to the peppermint scent, while sitting in a dark room for 11 minutes. Study results showed that both the peppermint oil group and the control group experienced an increase in sleepiness while sitting in the dark, but this effect was greatly reduced in the group exposed to peppermint oil.
Mixed with water in a spray bottle, orange essential oil is a natural, fragrant cleaner. It can be used to clean surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom, and it has been proven useful in killing bacteria. In 2010, researchers for the journal Food Control found that orange essential oil effectively killed several types of bacteria found on food contact surfaces, such as cutting boards.


The essential oil of eucalyptus is a good fit for a loved one who has been suffering from pain, as Page 1 of 2
it has been purported to have an analgesic effect. In a 2013 study in Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, subjects who were recovering from knee surgery inhaled either eucalyptus oil or a control oil (almond oil) for thirty minutes on three consecutive days. Those in the eucalyptus oil group experienced lower pain on all three days, and their blood pressure was lower on the second day.


Lemon oil will be a much-appreciated gift for a beauty queen in the family, as it could improve the appearance of skin. In a study in a 2013 publication of the European Journal of Medicinal Plants, subjects were exposed to ultra violet radiation, and then diluted lemon oil was applied to their faces. Researchers analyzed the impact of the lemon oil and found that it was more effective than vitamin E, a known antioxidant, in reducing skin damage. The researchers concluded that lemon oil could provide benefits to the skin as it experiences the effects of aging.


Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing properties, and it is therefore an ideal gift for someone who could benefit from some stress reduction. The research has even shown that lavender oil could reduce anxiety levels among those faced with a stressful situation. In a 2009 study in Holistic Nursing Practice, nursing students who inhaled lavender oil before and during a test experienced a reduction in anxiety levels compared to when they took a test without exposure to lavender. Students’ heart rates were also reduced by 8 beats per minute after inhaling lavender.
Give the gift of relaxation to a loved who has been experiencing significant stressors, and stuff her stocking with lavender oil. For friends and family members with other needs, there are clearly a variety of essential oils that make the perfect gift. Pick one of the essential oils discussed here to be used as a stocking stuffer, or purchase multiple essential oils and put them together as a therapeutic gift basket. Whatever method you choose, essential oils truly do offer something for everyone during the holiday season.


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